Saturday, February 21, 2009


It just slipped off my mind!

I didn’t know it’s already February until I realized it while taking a bath this morning (and singing to David’s “A Little Too Not Over You” J). I know I have a lot to say – things that transpired this month – but then suddenly I just don’t know how to start going about writing them. And what’s even funny is that I’ve posted two special issues even before this one. Anyway.

Let me start by greeting my readers (if any) a HAPPY, HAPPY NEW YEAR! I hope you all had a wonderful start and let us all wish for a better year ahead (well, my previous year was a bit shaky but turned out fine in the end). It’s still fresh in my mind how we celebrated the New Year’s Eve. Although it was not the same anymore since my two older siblings were not here to celebrate with us. It was also a bit annoying since it was raining all throughout. We managed to keep it fun and meaningful, though, by doing our traditional exchange of gifts plus the videoke marathon that my sister provided. It was also the eve where food was “inundating” the table. Haha!

After the holidays, I’ve found it hard to get my feet back on track again, I mean, I was kind of lazy to work and just wanna be in the house and do nothing but do what I want. Goodness, work resumed on the 6th so I had time to condition myself (unfortunately, though, I was not able to).

So it’s work again. The usual routine of waking up at 6:00 AM and staying at the office (with our without a thing to do) for eight hours or more is here again. Plus the fact that I am now already involved in issues surrounding the building. Wooh! Kinda strangling but I have no choice. I mean, I really should be grateful that I have a job that is not so demanding. It’s just that I really wanted to spend more time at home and do what I love…singing! (*singing* Tell me why…it’s so hard to forget, don’t remind me…LOL).

First major activity for this month was our regular walkathon, which was held at the Ayala Greenfields in Laguna. It was one of the best places we’ve ever held the walkathon considering that it’s a subdivision that is not yet fully developed. The wind was so heavy and my hair (which was rebonded a week before – LOL) was, in fairness, swaying. I didn’t even sweat even if we had walked about 5 to 6 kilometers.

Another major twist in the workplace was the sudden migration of a co-employee to the States. We had a despedida party before she left and it was definitely heartfelt. When she was delivering her farewell speech and everyone was looking sad, I suddenly thought, “When will I be like this?” I mean, I hope I could somehow establish a name in my company so that when I finally decided to retire, my co-employees would also be sad that I am leaving. Hmmm…I think that would not happen yet. Haha!

This is also the period where I started getting bugged by a lot of things – things that I don’t know who can solve. Haha! Maybe it was brought about by last month’s ‘Tough Ten’ (see related article) or maybe it’s because I wanted to do something I can’t. I don’t know. Sometimes, things in life are really difficult to handle. But instead of letting myself get eaten – again – by so much thinking, I started going to the gym to divert my thoughts. It was actually my plan to go to the gym and it’s only now that I got the chance to bring it to life. Haha! So the rest of my first gym experience is already posted (if, and only if, you just wanna know).

And with that, I’ll be ending it here. How? I have no idea. LOL. Till next month! :-)

A New Home

With new beginnings come new challenges.
Today, I am formally opening this blog where I, as The Storyteller, will continue the journey of being a writer and a narrator. I will be officially leaving my Friendster Blog site and will be moving instead into this new home.
So as a startup, let me give you my official intro:
What defines a writer but his writings.
Just like a doctor who treats patients, a singer who sings songs, or even a painter creating magnificent works of art, a writer’s writing is likewise his definition. Writing identifies a writer.

Honestly, I really don’t know why I’ve learned to love writing. When I was a kid, writing was never in my mind. I didn’t even know that writing can be a profession. My first (formal) writing exposure was when I entered highschool. I was so influenced by one of my teachers (who also happened to be the adviser of our school paper) that it led me to joining our school paper as one of its editors. Honestly, I didn’t even know how I came up with my very first article. Haha! Looking back, I really wanted to commend myself for that. Anyway, since then, writing has become a part of my system. From formal articles that have to be submitted to simple scribbling, all these reflected who I am.

Indeed, writing is a tough thing to do. I still encounter difficulties in writing considering that I’ve been on a seven-year training (from my second year in highschool up to my fourth year in college) in writing. Among the difficulties I still encounter is the structure of the article. I tend to diversify every single topic that comes into my mind that I would end up confusing myself on how I will put ideas into places. The number of times I tried doing this post would somehow explain how complicated writing is.
So where am I heading?
First of all, I am formally closing my previous blog account in Friendster. The main reason for that is to give my blog as sense of its own space and not just attached to a social networking site. I am now opening another chapter of my life and I will try to speak them out here. The purpose of this blog will be basically to share everyone the things that are happening in my life and around me. Also I will talk about things that I think are worth sharing. This will also serve as my venue to release all my emotions. After all, that's what a blog is all about, right?

I want to introduce myself to everyone through my writings. I also want to inspire, tickle, or just extract reactions from people through my articles. I will try to update this blog regularly on a monthly basis (and I’ll make sure of that!).
In this blog, I will just basically tell a story — my story!
For now, let me just formally open this blog: I am Benjo D. Sandoval and I am THE STORYTELLER. :-)