Monday, May 17, 2010

[April, 2010] Personal Health Awareness Month

It was a wake up call!

The medical findings I've found out this month about my health totally woke me up from such a long sleep. Haha! I mean, doing things that I didn't know have already been affecting my health and then realizing that they're not good. I really thought I was super healthy and perfectly fit. Well, I guess not.

So how did I find that out?

It was this month when we held the 2nd Lopez Lifelong Wellness Fair at the Rockwell Tent where it featured a lot of diagnostics. And since they're for free, I tried everything. There was this company that promotes a machine that tells you your antioxidant level. Out of curiosity, I tried the service and the result was bad...really bad. My antioxidant level is very low and according to the medical person interpreting the result, I may have a serious disease that has to be found and cured. He even added that it could be the reason why I am having a hard time getting fit even if I go to the gym frequently. It seemed everything that he told me were true and therefore, it hit me. Adding up to that bad result was another bad result of my ECG, which indicated I have "Wolff Parkinson-White" (whatever that is!) and an abnormal ECG. Problem was, they can't interpret the results since they're only nurses and advised me instead to see a cardiologist.

Those results really got into my mind and then I started worrying. From then, I vowed to change my lifestyle. I started eating vegetables, fish, and fruits only for one week. No meat at all! Fortunately, I succeeded. I bought myself some multivitamins (One-A-Day) and I am now also drinking Vita Plus (a healthy fruit drink).

Eventually, I've noticed the effect. I used to be a "heavy breather", I mean I can't breath easily after eating a lot. Now, I'm better and my tummy isn't that bulgy anymore, which I totally like. Haha! My bowels are also regular and I'm not having a hard time anymore. I feel more energetic now than before.

But the one thing I can't change about my lifestyle is my sleeping habits. I was advised to sleep at 9:00 PM and I just can't. I just hope my efforts are enough to keep me alive in the next 100 years. LOL

Well the good thing about those medical findings was that I became aware that I am not healthy. Therefore, I started caring about myself. Now I am more particular about what I eat and what I do and it's becoming a hobby. Wellness is now becoming my lifestyle! Haha!

It's been a month since my lifestyle change and although changes are gradual, I know they're taking effect. Which reminds me, I still have to buy a bottle of "One-A-Day". I already ran out. Haha!

Til next ish!


Benjo :)