Monday, June 1, 2009

[MAY, 2009] Still Necessary?

Is this post still necessary? Haha! I mean, I've already had several posts regarding things that happened to me during this month. But since it's been a routine for me to recap my monthly "whatabouts", I'm still doing it. LOL.

So May became very special to me just because of one thing -- the CookDavidArchuleta Concert that was held last May 16, 2009 at the Mall of Asia concert grounds. This month went so fast that I totally forgot it's already June now.

Anyway, it was this month when the foundation launched the new installment of its weight-reduction contest for employees called now as the "Race to 120" contest. In this contest, participants will try, as much as possible, to lose weight in a span of 120 days. Originally, it was supposed to be 180 days but due to changes in the schedule, it was reduced to just 120. The launching was held last May 6 at the Meralco Little Theater in Ortigas, Pasig City.

Also, a "Swine Flu Briefing" was conducted after the launching. We had Dr. Soe Nyunt-U, WHO representative to the Philippines, as our speaker for this part. This portion of the program was indeed informative. It clarified certain misconceptions about the virus and also suggested ways by which we can stay away from getting infected.

Aside from the weight-reduction contest, we also launched our Group-wide basketball tournament where I personally got a chance to meet Gretchen Fulido and Tj Manotoc as part of the ABS-CBN team. Anyway, it was a swift encounter, though. Haha!

The highlight of this month, of course, was the concert (see previous article). Weeks after that, I still can't function well at work. Haha! Glad thing I still got every task done in spite of my being "unconscious". LOL. That event was really something I will never forget. It's like it already has a special area in my heart and mind that will never be erased. Haha!

Now that I am starting a new month again, I am really hopeful that a lot of good things will come. I am also hoping that I'd be able to experience more new things this month.
*crosses fingers*

Shoot! This is so random! Hahaha!



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  1. Race to 120??? wow that's something but why? I mean summer just passed by because with all those swimming and going out should have made all the employees a bit flat XD

    TJ manotoc? wow you got to meet him :)

    Well as they say, expect the unexpected :)