Thursday, April 23, 2009

DIET IN CARBON, MAX IN GREEN: The Lopez Group’s Climate Change Program Launching

Last April 21, 2009, Lopez Groups’ Business Excellence Team together with program partners, Philippine Business for the Environment and Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities launched the Lopez Group’s climate change program tagged as “Diet in Carbon, Max in Green”.

The launching was held at the La Mesa Ecopark in Quezon City in an informal-type setting under a nipa hut. Participated in by a number of Lopez employees, the launching became more of a seminar that educated a lot including myself.

The program started off with Mr. Rene Mayol, Lopez Group Business Excellence (LGBE) head, who gave an opening remark. The atmosphere was very light. Not your usual closed-door seminar or round-table discussion. I was not informed the previous week that I’ll join the event but I’m really glad I did.

After the opening remark, Ms. Gina Lopez, Managing Director of ABS-CBN Foundation gave the first talk.

Meeting Ms. Gina Lopez

Seeing Ms. Gina Lopez talking in front of me was like a dream come true. I used to see her when I was still in college talking on TV, campaigning for environmental programs. Who would’ve thought that I’ll see her in person? She’s really beautiful. She has a Barbie doll-like figure and she’s like a portrait came to life.

Hearing her talk is way too fascinating than just seeing her. I love how she conversed and communicated with the audience with such naturalness. She would use funny terms to refer to things. She would crack jokes. She would tell stories and would “overtalk”. But apart from these things, what I saw in her was the sincerity to do the things she does. I really felt every word she said pertaining to how she wants Pasig River to be rehabilitated.

She gave an overview of what ABS-CBN Foundation does and what is the current situation of Mother Earth. Her talk was really inspiring and I, myself, was touched.

Two other speakers spoke about climate change and global warming. The third speaker was another good speaker as she was able to keep us alive and focused although it’s already past 12:00 NN.

After the talks, the floor was once again given to Mr. Mayol to introduce the climate change program of the Lopez Group. But since there was not enough time, a second meeting was set on April 30, 2009 in Rockwell. Immediately after, lunch was served with banana leaves as platters.

Lessons Learned

Most important among many others, MOTHER EARTH is deteriorating! We have to act now to save it. Have you ever wondered why we are experiencing a lot of abrupt changes in our climate? That is because the earth is slowly loosing its natural form. Global warming and climate change are serious issues that we have to pay attention.

PS. Help save Pasig River by texting GIVE(space)Ilog to 2366 for Globe and 236 for Smart.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Guilty Pleasure


After weeks of dreaming and budgeting, I finally have my David Archuleta Live In Manila Titanium concert ticket.

It was last April 15 (Wednesday and salary day) that I made a reservation to Ticketworld. It was also that afternoon that I picked it up. I can't explain the feeling. I mean, one part of my mind tells me it's okay and the other tells otherwise.

I feel guilty that I've spent quite an amount just for a piece of paper (well, a pass, actually!). Would you believe that, without a word, I handed Php 12, 425 to the Ticketworld representative at National Bookstore in Megamall? Whew! I was actually in a daze on my way to Megamall. I was contemplating whether I was "taking the right decision". Inside the bookstore, I didn't immediately go to the Ticketworld section. Instead, I browsed on certain books, pretending that I was reading when in fact, I was weighing the pros and cons bearing in mind all the comments that my friends have been telling me over Plurk and Facebook. Haha!

In the end, "buying the ticket" option won. If it wasn't for the support of my mom, I mean, her approval, I wouldn't have bought the front-row seat. I would've settled with VIP or Platinum maybe. But since I got the major support that I needed and I got the sign from God (I prayed that if there will be no more Titanium ticket on April 15, then it's not meant for me), I would like to belive that I did the right thing. And besides, this is my first major expense! I've never spent this much in my entire life. I just don't want to miss this chance of seeing my idol in person. However, though, this would mean tightening my budget more for the rest of the month.

I just wish the concert will be worth my wait! ***crosses fingers***

Wednesday, April 15, 2009


He's name is Joffer.

I never got the chance to get close with him when I was still in my previous company. He was one of my officemates. He was still a trainee then. That time, when he and a fellow trainee were enjoying their lives as newbies, I was already on the verge of resigning so I was not able to share my time with them and befriend them.

Months passed. I never heard from him and the rest of my other officemates. It was only lately that, thru chat, we were able to communicate and check out what's new with our lives. It was also lately that I got the nerve to face my fears and look back at all the things I've been through when I was still in that company.

Joffer and I have been constant chatmates. Even when "I'm on mobile", he would PM me and just to tease me or send me naughty messages (some of which I really didn't know if they're serious). He would even call me "Benjo ko...".

I began to get irritated. I mean, it's not so nice to receive "cheesy" words from the same sex right? I mean, I'm not just comfortable. I started not replying to his PMs and text messages anymore. There were messages, though, that were serious and were worth "mass sending" so I'm keeping them. Days went on and he didn't message me anymore.

Then yesterday I heard the news. JOFFER IS DEAD!

He drowned on Black Saturday when he and some of my former officemates went out for a vacation in Puerto Galera. I was really in shock when I heard that news. He was so young. I am even older than him. At first I really thought that was only a joke. But who would even joke on death?

I suddenly realized that maybe that's the reason why he's being so sweet and so "makulit". I mean, I didn't even know if he's been texting or joking some of our friends too, right?

I suddenly felt guilty. I felt guilty that I deprived him of getting close to me. If I became a little more patient, I would've had the chance to get to know him better. And I must say that in that little span of time we've shared before, he's really a funny guy. One that would stand in a crowd and make everyone laugh.

He's death also showed me that life is really short. We really don't have the control of our lives. Any moment, any time, anywhere, we can die. It's only God who knows what's going to happen. So I've realized that I have to prepare myself as early as now (without really trying to sound morbid). And I also have to take every chance that I will encounter or say what I want to say for that can be the last. Life is really short. So short...

Now, the "curtains of the stage" had been closed for him. He's gone forever.

I just wish that his soul finds peace and may he rest peacefully in the cradle of our Lord.

Bye Joffer!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Backyard Adventure

April 11th. Good Friday. Nothing to do and nowhere to go -- no shows on TV, no new DVDs, no radio stations on air, nothing. Instead of just letting the day pass without doing anything unique, me and my relatives went out for a mountain trekking adventure.

The mountain is called Mt. Mapait. A small mountain located at the back of our compound where a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary was placed years ago. Since then, this mountain became a famous spot for people of our barangay and nearby barangays during the holy week. It was believed that the statue is miraculous. I, personally, believe that too.

When I was asked to join the trek, I initially thought that I'd rather stay home and surf all day. But then I suddenly thought that I should be doing sacrifices so I eventually said yes.


Getting up the mountain was actually tiring. The terrain was very steep. Long walks weren't new to me but climbing a mountain was. The climb still made me lose my breath but unlike my sister or my cousin, I managed to climb the mountain more smoothly. When we got there, we were surprised by the number of people that were already there. Some were praying, some were still looking for a place to set up their tents, and some were even selling. It was fascinating how they managed to bring all their things up there. After resting, we headed to the location of the statue. When we got there, we lighted up our candles and prayed. After that, we immediately looked for a place to stay for a while.

We found a group of kids who happened to be members of the community where we belong . We tagged along with them and we set up our own spots. While we were resting, I can't help but look at the view. It was awesome. A view overlooking the town of Alaminos. Cool.

Aside from this, a lot of living organisms, like, from plants to insects were also present. I took the opportunity and captured some of them in pictures. I was able to see a ladybug that has yellow spots and several species of "not known to my knowledge" plants. LOL.

Another amazing thing we saw were dandelion fields. I so loved that. I can't help but kick every dandelion plant I see just to make it fly into the air. Haha! It was really amazing. By the way, we were accompanied by a tribe (joke! our neighbors, actually). They were fun to be with but most of the time, they annoyed me. LOL.

"It doesn't really matter that you're already there. The one thing that matters more is how y
ou get there!"

When we finally realized that it's about to rain, we decided to go down. Going down was more fun than climbing. It was more dangerous, though. You really have to control your feet not to go all the way down. LOL. There were actually few slips and I must admit that I had one, too. Haha! It was because of my cousin who grabbed me when she fell.

Along the way, we were able to take additional shots. Of course! It's also the part where you get to hear a lot of "native" stories from your
neighbors, which actually made me laugh. I mean, they were so natural and they'd say what they have in mind. They don't even care whether the words are vulgar or not. It was really funny.

Finally, when we got home, lunch was waiting. I didn't notice that I had more servings of rice that time. Maybe that was because I was really hungry and tired. After three or four hours, that's when I decided to take a -- long -- bath.

At least my vacation wasn't that lame as I expected. LOL.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Holy Wednesday Random Thoughts

It's 12:55 in the morning and I am still wide awake.

I've just finished working for different farms tonight. Haha! Well, if you're wondering what "farms" I am talking about, it's this new networking game over Facebook where you play as a farmer and try to develop your own farm. It's fun and really addicting. Me and my sister were already hooked by that game. It's called Farm Town, by the way. To date, I already have two cows, one sheep, two pigs, and a chicken. I also have fruit-bearing trees such as plum, orange, apple, pear, and banana. I've just plowed and planted new seeds tonight. Maybe in two days, I'll be harvesting them already. That would mean more money for me to buy stuff for the farm. Hmm...if only farming was that ideal and fun, I'd rather be a farmer! LOL.

Another thing that keeps me up late this hour is plurking. It was only last month that I created my account and to date, my karma has gone up to 60.54 already and increasing. I also already have a fan. LOL. Plurking, unlike any other social networking sites better works for me as I love to post shoutouts or things in my mind that I think are worth sharing.

Anyway, I've been planning on writing this entry last Friday as I was very happy that my mother already gave her blessing for me to go to my much-awaited concert for this year -- the David Archuleta- David Cook concert! I am so glad that I didn't have to beg that much because she really understands how big a fan I am of David. Besides, she even mentioned once that we all have our own vices. And mine's music. Hehe. I am just so glad that she allowed me. Kudos also to my sister who helped me convinced her. The thing, though, is that I would have to pay my own ticket. Haha! Anyway, I've been planning for this in a long time and I know I can do this.

Also, I've been on leave for two days now since it's holy week and I'm spending the vacation in Laguna. Nothing special has happened, though. Hehe. Thank heavens I have Internet connection at home that I got to open my mailbox today and found out several pending tasks that I had to attend to this morning. Guh! Joke!

Okay. Randomness in its truest definition. LOL. So I guess I'll be ending this post here. Have a meaningful holy week everyone.

Relax. Reflect. Refresh.

xoxo! Benjo.

Friday, April 3, 2009

The Face Off

It still came such a shock to me! The biggest concert this year, indeed, has one of the biggest ticket prices ever in the history of concerts here in the Philippines.

When I found out in March that David Archuleta together with Cook is dropping by Manila for a back-to-back concert, I got super excited. Finally, I’ll be seeing my idol and will be able to see and hear him perform live! In fact, I am really excited that I’ll be able to sing along with his songs while he performs them in front of me.

The news spread and fans from all over the country started posting rumored ticket prices to every forum sites. Initially, it came to me that the VIP ticket would cost Php 10,000. Of course, I got shocked even though that was only a rumor. I mean, it’s not far from being true, right? Hehe. I even called up MoA (Mall of Asia) and Ticket World to confirm details regarding this concert since they will be the hosts for this event (MoA for the venue; Ticket World, of course, for the tickets).

Days passed and just today, I found out that the actual ticket price of a seat that is closest to the stage costs Php 12,425.00! Holy motha of Batman! Will I afford that?!? Wahh!!!

Anyway, I am still in a daze whether to pursue buying that “Titanium” type ticket or not. I know my mother would scold me if I do (but eventually will calm down) but my mind and heart are saying “go!”. It’s the chance I’ve been waiting for!

I called up Ticket World today and about to reserve a seat but the thing is, you have to pay it within 24 hours and I still don’t have money. Haha! I would just have to wait for my salary after the holy week. And that would actually be my sign. If I still get to buy the Titanium, then it’s meant to be. If not, then I would have to settle for the cheaper seats. But definitely, I will watch this concert!


David Archuleta and David Cook Live in Manila

Date: May 16, 2009

Venue: Mall of Asia Open Ground

Ticket Prices:

Titanium – Php 12, 425.00

Platinum – Php 6, 215.00 (to be verified)

VIP – Php 3, 625.00

Gold – Php 2, 075.00

Silver – Php 315.00

For tickets, call Ticket World at 891-9999.

The Seat Map

I hope I can stretch this more but to give a clue, the upper portion (the two rectangles above below the other big rectangle) is where the Titanium/Sponsors' seats are located. They're so close to the stage and that's where I want to sit. Hehe.

I really hope my mom would allow me without making me feel guilty. ***Crosses Fingers***