Friday, March 8, 2013

SG Explorations

The year started very generously to me as I have had the opportunity, again, to travel to Singapore with the family.  It's bumness at its finest! LOL 

Here are some of the most memorable SG places and events we've been to last January and February:

Sentosa Flower Festival

We celebrated Chinese New Year by attending Sentosa Flower Festival.  It's where tons of flowers (and oranges) are showcased in different forms. I'm not really fond of flowers but the way they were presented was really amazing. 

The exhibition was a long walk under the scorching heat of the sun but it was worth it. 

Singapore Botanic Gardens

It was just an ordinary day turned extraordinary when we decided to drop by Botanic Gardens. It was already about 6:00 in the afternoon and it was about to rain so we were not able to go through the entire garden but it was fun. 

The place is very quiet and has a lot of areas perfect for family picnics. 

Gardens By The Bay

This is definitely the biggest air-conditioned garden I've been to! Haha! You will definitely love this place even if you are not a fan of plants and flowers because the place itself is really amazing. I was also amazed by the structure of it and the various areas outside that are open to the public. Perfect if you love photoshoots.

Me, mom and sis

Inside the garden

Somewhere along Marina Bay also during Chinese New Year

Finally, Merlion! LOL


What's next?

Have you ever been completely clueless about something in your life particularly about what's ahead for you in the future or maybe your purpose of existence?  It may sound weird but this state of total "bumness" that I am in right now makes me wonder about those things. Haha!

I've been here actually. But this time, I'm pretty sure it's worse. Moving forward after leaving a life I was so used to a year ago was really THE biggest decision I should've taken more seriously. Ugh! 

And after a year, the biggest question I'm still trying to answer is "What's next?"

Yeah, yeah. Things happened and there's no sense in regretting now. And come to think of it, there's really no one to blame about everything that's happened but myself. It's just that starting from scratch was really harder than I thought.   

But what's good about what's happening to me right now is that I'm getting to know myself more and more.  I've learned to care more about how I look and about how I carry myself in front of people. Also, I am getting stronger facing the world knowing that one day, things will turn out the way I want them. I have also developed that renewed sense of faith; that God is the only one who understands what I'm going through right now.

I basically have what I need but I know life can get better if I help make it better for us. Material things can't make you happy, PURPOSE and that sense of usefulness will. And that's what I need to have/find out. Only then will I feel complete and useful again.

On a lighter note and to those who care, LOL, I just got back from a two-month vacation again in SG. I intentionally overate and eventually gained a few pounds because my mom didn't like how I look last year. Haha! And yes, still struggling to settle down, career-wise. Somebody land me a job already! LOL