Friday, April 17, 2009

Guilty Pleasure


After weeks of dreaming and budgeting, I finally have my David Archuleta Live In Manila Titanium concert ticket.

It was last April 15 (Wednesday and salary day) that I made a reservation to Ticketworld. It was also that afternoon that I picked it up. I can't explain the feeling. I mean, one part of my mind tells me it's okay and the other tells otherwise.

I feel guilty that I've spent quite an amount just for a piece of paper (well, a pass, actually!). Would you believe that, without a word, I handed Php 12, 425 to the Ticketworld representative at National Bookstore in Megamall? Whew! I was actually in a daze on my way to Megamall. I was contemplating whether I was "taking the right decision". Inside the bookstore, I didn't immediately go to the Ticketworld section. Instead, I browsed on certain books, pretending that I was reading when in fact, I was weighing the pros and cons bearing in mind all the comments that my friends have been telling me over Plurk and Facebook. Haha!

In the end, "buying the ticket" option won. If it wasn't for the support of my mom, I mean, her approval, I wouldn't have bought the front-row seat. I would've settled with VIP or Platinum maybe. But since I got the major support that I needed and I got the sign from God (I prayed that if there will be no more Titanium ticket on April 15, then it's not meant for me), I would like to belive that I did the right thing. And besides, this is my first major expense! I've never spent this much in my entire life. I just don't want to miss this chance of seeing my idol in person. However, though, this would mean tightening my budget more for the rest of the month.

I just wish the concert will be worth my wait! ***crosses fingers***

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