Friday, April 3, 2009

The Face Off

It still came such a shock to me! The biggest concert this year, indeed, has one of the biggest ticket prices ever in the history of concerts here in the Philippines.

When I found out in March that David Archuleta together with Cook is dropping by Manila for a back-to-back concert, I got super excited. Finally, I’ll be seeing my idol and will be able to see and hear him perform live! In fact, I am really excited that I’ll be able to sing along with his songs while he performs them in front of me.

The news spread and fans from all over the country started posting rumored ticket prices to every forum sites. Initially, it came to me that the VIP ticket would cost Php 10,000. Of course, I got shocked even though that was only a rumor. I mean, it’s not far from being true, right? Hehe. I even called up MoA (Mall of Asia) and Ticket World to confirm details regarding this concert since they will be the hosts for this event (MoA for the venue; Ticket World, of course, for the tickets).

Days passed and just today, I found out that the actual ticket price of a seat that is closest to the stage costs Php 12,425.00! Holy motha of Batman! Will I afford that?!? Wahh!!!

Anyway, I am still in a daze whether to pursue buying that “Titanium” type ticket or not. I know my mother would scold me if I do (but eventually will calm down) but my mind and heart are saying “go!”. It’s the chance I’ve been waiting for!

I called up Ticket World today and about to reserve a seat but the thing is, you have to pay it within 24 hours and I still don’t have money. Haha! I would just have to wait for my salary after the holy week. And that would actually be my sign. If I still get to buy the Titanium, then it’s meant to be. If not, then I would have to settle for the cheaper seats. But definitely, I will watch this concert!


David Archuleta and David Cook Live in Manila

Date: May 16, 2009

Venue: Mall of Asia Open Ground

Ticket Prices:

Titanium – Php 12, 425.00

Platinum – Php 6, 215.00 (to be verified)

VIP – Php 3, 625.00

Gold – Php 2, 075.00

Silver – Php 315.00

For tickets, call Ticket World at 891-9999.

The Seat Map

I hope I can stretch this more but to give a clue, the upper portion (the two rectangles above below the other big rectangle) is where the Titanium/Sponsors' seats are located. They're so close to the stage and that's where I want to sit. Hehe.

I really hope my mom would allow me without making me feel guilty. ***Crosses Fingers***

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