Wednesday, April 15, 2009


He's name is Joffer.

I never got the chance to get close with him when I was still in my previous company. He was one of my officemates. He was still a trainee then. That time, when he and a fellow trainee were enjoying their lives as newbies, I was already on the verge of resigning so I was not able to share my time with them and befriend them.

Months passed. I never heard from him and the rest of my other officemates. It was only lately that, thru chat, we were able to communicate and check out what's new with our lives. It was also lately that I got the nerve to face my fears and look back at all the things I've been through when I was still in that company.

Joffer and I have been constant chatmates. Even when "I'm on mobile", he would PM me and just to tease me or send me naughty messages (some of which I really didn't know if they're serious). He would even call me "Benjo ko...".

I began to get irritated. I mean, it's not so nice to receive "cheesy" words from the same sex right? I mean, I'm not just comfortable. I started not replying to his PMs and text messages anymore. There were messages, though, that were serious and were worth "mass sending" so I'm keeping them. Days went on and he didn't message me anymore.

Then yesterday I heard the news. JOFFER IS DEAD!

He drowned on Black Saturday when he and some of my former officemates went out for a vacation in Puerto Galera. I was really in shock when I heard that news. He was so young. I am even older than him. At first I really thought that was only a joke. But who would even joke on death?

I suddenly realized that maybe that's the reason why he's being so sweet and so "makulit". I mean, I didn't even know if he's been texting or joking some of our friends too, right?

I suddenly felt guilty. I felt guilty that I deprived him of getting close to me. If I became a little more patient, I would've had the chance to get to know him better. And I must say that in that little span of time we've shared before, he's really a funny guy. One that would stand in a crowd and make everyone laugh.

He's death also showed me that life is really short. We really don't have the control of our lives. Any moment, any time, anywhere, we can die. It's only God who knows what's going to happen. So I've realized that I have to prepare myself as early as now (without really trying to sound morbid). And I also have to take every chance that I will encounter or say what I want to say for that can be the last. Life is really short. So short...

Now, the "curtains of the stage" had been closed for him. He's gone forever.

I just wish that his soul finds peace and may he rest peacefully in the cradle of our Lord.

Bye Joffer!

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