Thursday, April 9, 2009

Holy Wednesday Random Thoughts

It's 12:55 in the morning and I am still wide awake.

I've just finished working for different farms tonight. Haha! Well, if you're wondering what "farms" I am talking about, it's this new networking game over Facebook where you play as a farmer and try to develop your own farm. It's fun and really addicting. Me and my sister were already hooked by that game. It's called Farm Town, by the way. To date, I already have two cows, one sheep, two pigs, and a chicken. I also have fruit-bearing trees such as plum, orange, apple, pear, and banana. I've just plowed and planted new seeds tonight. Maybe in two days, I'll be harvesting them already. That would mean more money for me to buy stuff for the farm. Hmm...if only farming was that ideal and fun, I'd rather be a farmer! LOL.

Another thing that keeps me up late this hour is plurking. It was only last month that I created my account and to date, my karma has gone up to 60.54 already and increasing. I also already have a fan. LOL. Plurking, unlike any other social networking sites better works for me as I love to post shoutouts or things in my mind that I think are worth sharing.

Anyway, I've been planning on writing this entry last Friday as I was very happy that my mother already gave her blessing for me to go to my much-awaited concert for this year -- the David Archuleta- David Cook concert! I am so glad that I didn't have to beg that much because she really understands how big a fan I am of David. Besides, she even mentioned once that we all have our own vices. And mine's music. Hehe. I am just so glad that she allowed me. Kudos also to my sister who helped me convinced her. The thing, though, is that I would have to pay my own ticket. Haha! Anyway, I've been planning for this in a long time and I know I can do this.

Also, I've been on leave for two days now since it's holy week and I'm spending the vacation in Laguna. Nothing special has happened, though. Hehe. Thank heavens I have Internet connection at home that I got to open my mailbox today and found out several pending tasks that I had to attend to this morning. Guh! Joke!

Okay. Randomness in its truest definition. LOL. So I guess I'll be ending this post here. Have a meaningful holy week everyone.

Relax. Reflect. Refresh.

xoxo! Benjo.

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