Thursday, April 23, 2009

DIET IN CARBON, MAX IN GREEN: The Lopez Group’s Climate Change Program Launching

Last April 21, 2009, Lopez Groups’ Business Excellence Team together with program partners, Philippine Business for the Environment and Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities launched the Lopez Group’s climate change program tagged as “Diet in Carbon, Max in Green”.

The launching was held at the La Mesa Ecopark in Quezon City in an informal-type setting under a nipa hut. Participated in by a number of Lopez employees, the launching became more of a seminar that educated a lot including myself.

The program started off with Mr. Rene Mayol, Lopez Group Business Excellence (LGBE) head, who gave an opening remark. The atmosphere was very light. Not your usual closed-door seminar or round-table discussion. I was not informed the previous week that I’ll join the event but I’m really glad I did.

After the opening remark, Ms. Gina Lopez, Managing Director of ABS-CBN Foundation gave the first talk.

Meeting Ms. Gina Lopez

Seeing Ms. Gina Lopez talking in front of me was like a dream come true. I used to see her when I was still in college talking on TV, campaigning for environmental programs. Who would’ve thought that I’ll see her in person? She’s really beautiful. She has a Barbie doll-like figure and she’s like a portrait came to life.

Hearing her talk is way too fascinating than just seeing her. I love how she conversed and communicated with the audience with such naturalness. She would use funny terms to refer to things. She would crack jokes. She would tell stories and would “overtalk”. But apart from these things, what I saw in her was the sincerity to do the things she does. I really felt every word she said pertaining to how she wants Pasig River to be rehabilitated.

She gave an overview of what ABS-CBN Foundation does and what is the current situation of Mother Earth. Her talk was really inspiring and I, myself, was touched.

Two other speakers spoke about climate change and global warming. The third speaker was another good speaker as she was able to keep us alive and focused although it’s already past 12:00 NN.

After the talks, the floor was once again given to Mr. Mayol to introduce the climate change program of the Lopez Group. But since there was not enough time, a second meeting was set on April 30, 2009 in Rockwell. Immediately after, lunch was served with banana leaves as platters.

Lessons Learned

Most important among many others, MOTHER EARTH is deteriorating! We have to act now to save it. Have you ever wondered why we are experiencing a lot of abrupt changes in our climate? That is because the earth is slowly loosing its natural form. Global warming and climate change are serious issues that we have to pay attention.

PS. Help save Pasig River by texting GIVE(space)Ilog to 2366 for Globe and 236 for Smart.

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