Wednesday, May 6, 2009

[APRIL, 2009] This and That!

Squeezing in this April entry to my schedule became really difficult for me with all those tasks and events that made my life busier than usual. Actually, preparations for these took most of my time. But I’m glad that after six days of being late for this post, I’m able to do it. Hehe.

Anyway, I will not dwell on each of those tasks or events since I’ve noticed that I’ve been doing that ever since I posted my first monthly entry. Instead, I will just tell whatever comes to my mind that happened during this month. I will try not to babble or be nonsense. Haha!

Okay. Starting my month with April Fool’s Day, which actually wasn’t really foolish. LOL. I mean, what’s with this day, right? The following week was sort of a long break for me as the Lenten season arrived. I was able to stay longer in the province and do things that I usually do – watch TV, listen to the radio, surf the net! But aside from these things, I was able to go on a mountain trek with my relatives, which I’ve already posted a story here.

After the holy week, it’s work again. Whew! I must consider that half of my life now is really devoted to my job. I’m happy about it but sometimes, when I’m alone and wondering, I would think of those simple things that used to make me happy. I would go back to the time when things were really simple and easy, when living would be like a cakewalk. Now, things seem to be much more complex and that living a day would be like an everyday challenge to be happy and satisfied. Enough of the drama! Haha! But seriously, that’s how I see life now.

This month, I was also able to participate the Group’s Earth Day celebration. As a startup to the celebration, a climate change program was launched by the Group called “Diet in Carbon, Max in Green” (which also has a related post here) held at the La Mesa Ecopark in Quezon City. It was a very casual meeting, more of classroom-type one that opened up my eyes to the current situation of our planet.

This was also the month when I purchased my ticket for the upcoming concert of David Archuleta and David Cook here in Manila, which is actually happening next week. Woohoo! The ticket cost me a lot (I mean, a lot!) but I don’t regret buying it if this will be my chance of meeting my ultimate idol in person and also my fellow fans whom I’ve already became friends with. In relation to this event, I also purchased certain merchandise like pins and shirts. Haha!

Okay. So I guess I should end this post here. I’m starting to sound like…I don’t know. Haha! I just wanted to summarize what I’ve gone through the whole month of April.

Thanks for reading anyway. Until the next post!



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