Friday, April 10, 2009

Backyard Adventure

April 11th. Good Friday. Nothing to do and nowhere to go -- no shows on TV, no new DVDs, no radio stations on air, nothing. Instead of just letting the day pass without doing anything unique, me and my relatives went out for a mountain trekking adventure.

The mountain is called Mt. Mapait. A small mountain located at the back of our compound where a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary was placed years ago. Since then, this mountain became a famous spot for people of our barangay and nearby barangays during the holy week. It was believed that the statue is miraculous. I, personally, believe that too.

When I was asked to join the trek, I initially thought that I'd rather stay home and surf all day. But then I suddenly thought that I should be doing sacrifices so I eventually said yes.


Getting up the mountain was actually tiring. The terrain was very steep. Long walks weren't new to me but climbing a mountain was. The climb still made me lose my breath but unlike my sister or my cousin, I managed to climb the mountain more smoothly. When we got there, we were surprised by the number of people that were already there. Some were praying, some were still looking for a place to set up their tents, and some were even selling. It was fascinating how they managed to bring all their things up there. After resting, we headed to the location of the statue. When we got there, we lighted up our candles and prayed. After that, we immediately looked for a place to stay for a while.

We found a group of kids who happened to be members of the community where we belong . We tagged along with them and we set up our own spots. While we were resting, I can't help but look at the view. It was awesome. A view overlooking the town of Alaminos. Cool.

Aside from this, a lot of living organisms, like, from plants to insects were also present. I took the opportunity and captured some of them in pictures. I was able to see a ladybug that has yellow spots and several species of "not known to my knowledge" plants. LOL.

Another amazing thing we saw were dandelion fields. I so loved that. I can't help but kick every dandelion plant I see just to make it fly into the air. Haha! It was really amazing. By the way, we were accompanied by a tribe (joke! our neighbors, actually). They were fun to be with but most of the time, they annoyed me. LOL.

"It doesn't really matter that you're already there. The one thing that matters more is how y
ou get there!"

When we finally realized that it's about to rain, we decided to go down. Going down was more fun than climbing. It was more dangerous, though. You really have to control your feet not to go all the way down. LOL. There were actually few slips and I must admit that I had one, too. Haha! It was because of my cousin who grabbed me when she fell.

Along the way, we were able to take additional shots. Of course! It's also the part where you get to hear a lot of "native" stories from your
neighbors, which actually made me laugh. I mean, they were so natural and they'd say what they have in mind. They don't even care whether the words are vulgar or not. It was really funny.

Finally, when we got home, lunch was waiting. I didn't notice that I had more servings of rice that time. Maybe that was because I was really hungry and tired. After three or four hours, that's when I decided to take a -- long -- bath.

At least my vacation wasn't that lame as I expected. LOL.

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