Friday, March 27, 2009


It’s my ninth month at work and I am still in euphoria. First of all, I still I can’t believe that I am part of one of the biggest foundations in the country, that is, the Lopez Group Foundation, Incorporated. Second, I still can’t believe that I was able to outdone myself and passed my “6-month working time span”. I should’ve resigned by now. Haha!

Anyway, my entry isn’t as dramatic as its title. LOL. I just wanted to highlight the most intense feeling I’ve had this month. But this post will not concentrate solely on that. I will be sharing special events including my brother’s 2-week vacation here from Singapore, the company’s first wellness forum for 2009 and my signing up for “Earth Hour 2009” campaign. Of course, the monthly walkathon will still be there and I will also tell a little bit of that. Finally, I’ll be sharing the biggest and the best news I’ve received this month. All of that and more at the succeeding segments.

After Nine Long Months: Brother Bryan’s 2-Week Off Work

It’s funny because we hardly notice that nine months had already passed since my two brothers left to work abroad (Byron in Quatar and Bryan in Singapore). When Bryan told us that he’s going to spend a 2-week vacation here, I must admit, I got excited. We were never close when we were kids. In fact, he was my biggest bully. Haha! I can still remember how he would tease me or make fun of me in front of our cousins (hate that!). But as we were maturing, it’s as if we became more caring for each other and for the entire family even without literally telling it. When they were still working here in the Philippines, the family would always look forward to every weekend of bonding and get-together.

It was last April 7 when he arrived. Unfortunately, I missed the grand assembly of Archienoys, which I think wasn’t pursued either. Haha! From the Airport, we dropped by his girlfriend’s house in Bulacan. It was a long, tiring travel. After that, we went home. My brother’s first night at home was restless. He had to entertain a lot of questions from our relatives. The following days, though, went manageable already.

Because of his arrival, I missed our Cagayan De Oro trip that was scheduled the following week. It’s such a sad coincidence that the trip’s date fell on the date of my brother’s departure. My dorm friends got annoyed at me at first but they eventually understood my reason. His departure was as simple as his arrival. We just accompanied them (with his girlfriend again) to the airport and that’s it.

Brain Power & Knowledge Management in Relation to Wellness Forum

Another first for me! Lifelong has been conducting wellness fora since its formal establishment. It was only this month, though, that I was able to experience being part of the organizing team and really became memorable to me.

The topic was on Brain Power & Knowledge Management in Relation to Wellness. Before I go to the forum itself, I would like to share first what I went through preparing for this event.

As organizers of this event, we were supposed to work as a TEAM. Apparently, the team that I was expecting support for wasn’t there when I needed them. It was only me and my other boss who went through all the preparation stage. My female superior was sick and was confined for about a week or two now. My other office mate, who I supposed to be sharing the dirty tasks, went on leave just a day before the forum leaving all tasks to ME! I am just not the type of person who would complain. I’d rather do the tasks than waste my time complaining on things that can be done. Anyway, we were able to do everything by ourselves from coordination to materials.

The day of the forum came and everything went to place. We had two brilliant speakers, Prof. Ed Morato, President of ABS-CBN Bayan Foundation, and Dr. Serafin Talisayon, Director of CCLFI.Philippines.

The two topics discussed were both interesting – brain power and knowledge management in relation to wellness. I’ve learned how powerful the brain is and that it can be divided into segments that can reach up to 32 portions or even more. I’ve also learned that how we respond to things signifies our control over our brain. The more we tend to be impulsive on our initial reaction that means we are not in control of it.

The forum was really very informational. I had fun listening to the speakers. It was also a relief that it went fine and my boss was satisfied with the result (he even commended- and commented- me for the banner design! Haha!).

Let’s Save Energy!

From the success of last year’s Earth Hour campaign comes this year’s edition of it. For the Lopez Group, a memorandum of participation was signed by all employees last March 26, 2009. It was held at the lobby of Benpres building where a big board was staged for employees to sign. Their signatures signify that they will support this campaign. By the way, this campaign is for people to save energy by turning off our lights simultaneously even – at least – for an hour. I felt fortunate to be one of the signatories to this historical board. Hehe.

The Fire Drill

When I was advised that there’s going to be a fire drill that day, I never took it seriously as I was preoccupied by a lot of tasks to finish. However, when the alarm started ringing, I realized it was a serious matter that I should’ve given attention. In spite the busy schedule of the Lopez Group especially the executives in the building, they still took time and participated to the annual fire drill. It was actually a bit rainy that day but thank heavens that the rain didn’t fell on us when we were already outside the building. For me, it was another perfect time to take photos. Hehe.

Walk the Talk Series

Although this doesn’t seem to be a new activity for me anymore, I am still very excited for this month’s walk that will be held at the La Mesa Watershed in Quezon City. I’ve never been there and I heard it’s a beautiful place. Of course, though, not going home on Friday would be the price that I would have to pay. After a very tiring week, hopefully, a long walk could help me recover my energy and drive. Hehe. I wish!

And the Biggest News…Dandararan…

A very nice news was able to mellow me and made me hopeful – David Archuleta’s concert in Manila! Woohoo!

I’ve already had a thought that the confirmation of the details about this concert was going to happen that day. It was in my horoscope, which said that “something will happen today that will make you save money.” And then when I visited AP, this invitation (a youtube video specifically) from David himself was there. He also confirmed the date and venue, which will be on May 16, 2009 at the Mall of Asia open grounds. This news really made my month! I was actually hoping that the concert will happen in April and thank God it’s May because I still have to save money for that (but I can allot a month’s salary for that! Haha!). It was the news I’ve been waiting for this year and I am so glad it will happen. Yeah!

This concert will also feature David Cook that's why I am really curious about much would the VIP ticket cost. Hehe.

And there it is. My March. Until the next ish! :-)

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