Thursday, March 5, 2009


As February was approaching (and that goes without saying that Valentine’s Day was approaching too), I felt a little nervous that a lot of people would tease me and pressure me to finding someone to spend the occasion with. True – but not that much! Haha! In fact, I was able to “hide” myself from the overwhelming atmosphere of the season. For a while, I became invisible and I did it on purpose.

The Love Month
Well even before February 14 came, a lot of people have been bugging me, pressuring me to prepare something for several people especially in the office. My responses were all the same – a smile! :-)

I don’t know but it didn’t matter to me much that I’ll be facing Heart’s Day (again) that I’m single. I mean, I love being single and just having the time of my life for 23 years now. I love spending my time and my earnings for myself and for me alone (selfish!). I love the fact that I have no commitment to anyone but my friends and family.

I just celebrated this day together with and my family. We went out for a gimmick at the Megamall and we took our baby to the arcade section and we let him play all day.

Bottom line is: I survived the day.

Walk the Talk at Hacienda Escudero
Can I just consider this month as “THE” family month? Haha! Because just right after our gimmick a week ago, there we were at Tiaong Quezon, participating in the Lopez Group’s monthly walkathon activity. That was another fruitful bonding moment for us and I’m glad that they loved the activity.

To sum up what happened, over 600 participants joined the 8-km walk, which I think was cut since it was already approaching noon. The place was okay but much to my expectation of what Hacienda Escudero is, it’s just a huge area of land and trees. Hehe. Well, I enjoyed the clubhouse and the pool but that’s all there was to that place. Truth is, it’s currently being developed.

A Workshop on Blogs
During this month happened my first-ever attendance in a workshop on Social Media and blogs and I would have to say that I learned a lot from that. The experience was fun. I was able to handle things well and I was able to mingle with people who came from PR departments of different Lopez companies.

The workshop featured two experts who talked about blogs and how powerful you can be as a businessman (or woman) if you know how to use these blogs properly. I was surprised to know that the evolution of blogs from a simple “journal” type thing to a semi-website of a particular company or person happened in just a snap. That meant I was outdated. Haha!

Anyway, in my case, I use blogs just to express or share (to people who know me) what I’ve been through, what I saw, what I’ve experienced during the past month. Blogging for me serves as my outlet for stress. Through blogging, I am able to release all the tensions, the problems, and all the things that are bothering me. It’s my way of aligning my thoughts and reflecting on the things that are happening or those that already transpired that concern me. Well, I guess we all have our own purpose for blogging.

On the lighter side of the event, I’ve realized how lucky I am to be in a company where it allows you to grow and gain additional knowledge. I am gradually having that feel of becoming a certified professional. :-)

Til next ish! :-)

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