Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Music in me
I admit. I love music and I also love singing. I would even consider music as “the half of who I am”. I never enjoyed reading books or going out on gimmicks. I am settled when I have my mp3 player with me all day listening to my favorite songs (besides watching TV, of course). And what would even make me happy is when I could play these songs in full volume at home.

I used to join singing contests when I was still a kid. And without tying to sound like I’m bragging, I would win. As I was growing, I was exposed to an environment where singing wasn’t the thing for boys (especially that I used to sing song with super high notes). That caused me to hide my talent and just consider it as a hobby. When I was in high school, nobody knew that I could sing until we graduated. But for the record, only my closest friends know that I sing. Way back in college, nobody did ever know that. Hehe.

When I reached my age now, I’ve realized so many things in life. One of those things is that life is complex and that you have to try what you want to try while you still can. I mean, just live life the way you want it without worrying about tomorrow.

Eventually, I’ve decided not to hide my ability anymore. Now, I am gradually learning to be confident about singing in public (which was my ultimate weakness before!). I’ve been singing in KTVs now even a lot of people are watching. Of course, the nervousness is still there but it’s becoming manageable. Thanks to God, first, for giving me this talent and second, to my ultimate idol and inspiration, David Archuleta. Don’t get me wrong for my term “inspiration”. Haha!

David Archuleta – Ultimate Idol!
Just a background on how David started and continues to inspire me: since I first saw David sang on American Idol last season (his audition piece was Waiting on the World to Change), it was like I was looking at my own reflection (I am not saying that I’m as good as him, though. Haha!). It’s like I was looking at myself joining in a talent search. Since then, my eyes were only for him during the entire AI season. He was my bet. Every song he sang on idol was phenomenal. And all those songs, I’ve memorized. I even traced him on Youtube so that I’ll know him even better. His personality, his family, and he’s persona is so me. Fine! I over exaggerated it. LOL.

When he lost over Cook, I can’t accept it. He was obviously the better David. He’s more versatile, he’s got better image, and he’s fresh. In the end, there’s nothing that I could do but accept it. After the competition, my hope that he would immediately release an album didn’t stop. Meanwhile, I had to settle for his EP album (compilation of songs he sang over AI released on ITunes). I was so happy when he finally released his debut in November. Although I already have a copy of his album even before it was released in the Philippines, I still purchased the CD and collected every bonus and unreleased track. It’s like it was my obligation to memorize every David song. Haha!

But seriously, David Archuleta has been my ultimate idol to this date. I even stopped watching American Idol after last year’s season and just started focusing on being a member of his fan site here in the Philippines. My being an active member of Archuleta Philippines (AP) even led me to a recording studio last Sunday and recording one of his songs! Yep. I actually did that. Haha!

Save the Day Cover
David’s Asian tour is scheduled on April 2-14 and fortunately, Manila is his and his band’s first stop. This news caused AP so much excitement that a lot of plans were formed. Among those plans is an album featuring David’s songs sung by AP members and the album will be given as a gift to David when he comes here. This project really excited me. So I immediately emailed Alec (the project leader) and told him that I’ll be singing “Save the Day” (David’s bonus track in his debut album released in Japan). Actually, this song is my favorite. I can’t explain the feeling whenever I would listen to this song so I’m glad that I’ll be singing it. Hehe.

In preparation for this project, I had to search over the Internet a recording studio. I found one in Alabang called Noiseworks. It was very affordable, offering only 220 Php per hour including the mixing and all other arrangements. I asked Jaja, a friend to accompany me there (luckily he did because the studio owner was freaking scary but, in fact, he’s kind).

The Recording Experience
The recording was so much fun and exciting. But I must admit that the first take was nerve-racking. I mean, there was no warm up or anything. After all the equipment was set, we went straight ahead to recording. Unlike what I usually see on TV of a typical recording studio, I didn’t use that big headphone or that filtered microphone. Hehe. I just used a typical microphone connected to a laptop. It had no volume so it became difficult for me to modulate (I think I even shouted at some parts of the song). The music volume was also low that made it like I was singing in acapella (spell check!).

Since there was no official instrumental version of that song, I had to remove David’s vocals myself (sorry, David!) over Audacity. It was fixed by Dondi (the studio owner), though.

I had two takes. I personally like the second one because I had more emotions there and I was more at ease when I was singing it but the first sounded much better when mixed with the music. However, there were parts from the first take that had to be enhanced and some were replaced by those from the second.

After it was done, Dondi let us hear first the finished product. Hearing the song, it felt awkward that I am listening to my own voice. Eewk! Haha! Personally, I was a bit regretful about the product and I even told Jaja that I could’ve done better but he said it was okay. When my mom and sister heard it too, they commented that my voice is just thinner than David’s but they said it’s good. Well, since I’ll just be sending it to AP as a gift, I settled with it. When I got home, I immediately sent the file to Alec plus other requirements that were needed.

I really love the experience and actually, I’m looking forward to doing that on a monthly basis. Haha! Who knows? I may be discovered and become a recording star someday. LOL. But just like what I’ve said, life is complex. You’ll never know what will happen next.

(Here’s the link to my “Save the Day” rendition: http://www.mediafire.com/?mdzj0ydogni)

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