Thursday, May 17, 2012

Hump Day Thoughts

Well, hey! It's my third month here in Singapore and by this time, I am proud (with sarcasm) to say that I am still unemployed.  Yeah,  fate's not been so good to me here or maybe just teaching me a lesson. Haha!  

Seriously speaking -- or writing -- I should be weeping already by now, well, if I were my old self.  It's no joke that I left a job for an uncertain future here.  I just left everything behind just like that to think that I was already earning enough in the Philippines.  Well, enough to sustain the life I was living and enough to regularly share a portion to the family.  

I could say that this journey is one of the most challenging life transitions I've faced. The uncertainty of the future really creeps me out.  But if someone will ask me if I regret anything, I'll proudly say NONE!  Yeah, none at all. :)

The decision to leave my previous job wasn't easy but it was something that had to be done.  Looking back, I think that even without this Singapore plan, I would've still resigned and look for another job.  It might sound like my job was too bad (in every way) but honestly, it wasn't.  It was actually the best job anyone could aspire for.  I wouldn't have spent almost four years in the Foundation if it was that bad.  Haha!  So what made me leave? Uhm, let's just say I was not enjoying the drama anymore and the mood wasn't as lively as it used to be.  And that somehow depressed me.

Hadn't I took the courage to do that, I wouldn't have experienced this awesome long vacation with the entire family.  Hadn't I did what I did, I wouldn't have realized a lot of things.  First, it's really more fun in the Philippines.  You maybe somewhere in the globe right now but there will come a point where you will wish to just go back.  It's not fun living in a place where you are treated as a second class citizen.  Not that I am discriminated here but being surrounded by egoistic people makes me homesick.  I've also realized that money can't overpower pride.  Most kababayans I've spoke with here told me to just grab any job that's available.  I've considered that but thinking thoroughly, I just think that it's a desperate move.  Not that I am being choosy or anything but I just can't picture myself working in a restaurant or a mall selling products.  I mean that would be the most desperate thing I'll do for money.

Whatever happens in my remaining days here, I'll just accept it.  After all, I still have a home to go back to.  I think God wanted me to experience all of this to show me how lucky I am compared to some.  He gave me options.  He made me see that it's not a wonderland out there, abroad.  And also, this break re-energized me, made me want to do things and apply for jobs that suit me.

The future is still uncertain, but I'll be tougher.  I'll stay positive and face every day with confidence for I know that God is with me.  Everything will be okay in His time.  :)


  1. Hey Lolo Benj! Good evening. I was going through my other email and erasing spams and whatnot when I saw an old notification from Facebook. Back then, when I was too lazy to calibrate the settings, Facebook sends me notification for every like, comment, message, anything that I receive. I saw your name, and found out that you were the one who added me on that Facebook group "Pinoy Bloggers." Thank you, I didn't even knew I was part of that group because at that time you added me, I was in the province and I only access Fb through my phone. When I got back here in Manila, the group was already there. Anyway, I went to your profile and realized that you're -- well -- a blogger too. Haha. And so I found this blog.

    I'm not sure where you are now, SG or here in the country. Wherever you are, I know it doesn't show, but really -- you can count on me as a friend. God bless and take care!

    And just like your last line on this post, everything will be okay in His time. I believe in that too.

    1. Haha with the "lolo". Thank you, Mikey! Hehe. Just got back a few days ago. Decided to just return rather than do something against my will. LOL After all, like what Jessie J mentioned in her song, "it's not about the maneh! maneh! maneh!" Haha!

      And yep, I'm a (occasional) blogger. Lol Good thing you found me here. I intentionally don't promote this one. I just use this to release my thoughts whenever my brain couldn't contain 'em anymore. Hehe. I appreciate the time you took for the comment. Hehe. And you can count on me too as your friend. ;)