Friday, January 1, 2010

[December, 2009] Startup!

Happy New Year!!!

It's 2010. Clean slate as I will put it. 2009 was a year of transformation on my part. It was this year that I became more comfortable about myself and became more positive about life. In fact my biggest lesson for the previous year was OPTIMISM. I am just so thankful that I was able to survive the year, stable.

But before I totally embrace 2010, let me just have a quick peek at my December. This month went so fast but every moment was so memorable. I really love December.

Celebrating Christmas At Work
It's my second Christmas in LGFI. My first was a blast.

This year, although there were some downs, was also a good one -- nonstop eating, exchanging of gifts and all that. Most of all this year, we were given incentives for a job well done on our facilitating of the Lopez Group's wellness programs. It was like the biggest recognition we've received this year.

Holidays With The Family

Nostalgia always strikes me whenever the holidays are coming. I mean I still look forward to spending these holidays the way we used to -- simple, crowded, happy. Well, not that we're not happy. It's just that since me and my siblings graduated and got our own jobs, things changed. We've been celebrating the holidays for two years now with my brothers abroad. Aside from that, other "key personalities" are also gone like my
lolo and some other relatives who are also in other countries.

Okay! I'm being dramatic and I hate it. Haha! I just couldn't believe how time flew so fast. Good thing about celebrating now, though, is the fact that I am already contributing to the preparations and expenses. I feel such an adult. LOL. But seriously, it gives me that sense of fulfillment that I get to share me and my family's blessings. There's really truth in the saying that "giving is better than receiving".

We tried to celebrate Christmas and New Year as happy as we could. We were all out in terms of expenses. I took my mom and sister to the mall, we bought presents for our relatives, we prepared food and all that stuff. It was happy. My brothers abroad had their share of expenses and they even bought us presents. A brand new music player was the best gift I've received this year. Now, my old SonicStage player can now rest as I exhaust my EmoDio one. Haha!

Anyway, so much about it, I must say that our family has already gone a long way but remained intact. And if I'll have one wish that I'd like to happen, that would be for our family to stay this intact forever.

Bah! Nothing much to say now. Happy New Year! :)

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