Wednesday, February 3, 2010

[January, 2010] Discovering Optimism

First month of 2010 swiftly passed (and my post is delayed again! LOL). I barely felt it actually. And I really feel that nothing much has changed from last year. Well, I guess it's to early to say that. However, though, I promised myself that this year is going to be my year – a year of no regrets, no depressions, and no loneliness. This year will be good for me!

So this was how I welcomed New Year – an optimistic me. So far, I must say I am succeeding. To date, I can now easily throw away bad thoughts that usually weaken me. I wake up every morning with a smile on my face and a hopeful mind. I treat people with RESPECT to the best that I can bearing in mind that they will reciprocate the deed. Most especially, I can now handle negative vibes around me fairly, treating them as if they don’t exist at all.

There are times, though, that my temper is put to test – by circumstances or by people. When these things happen, I would just close my eyes and quietly utter my mantra (What other people think about you is none of your business) in my head. Voila! everything's back to normal. It really works! Haha! It’s actually the best mantra anyone should develop because once you do, you’ll never get affected by anyone or anything. Swear!

January was a month of adjusting and getting used to. "Adjusting" in the sense that I had to recondition my system for work and "getting used to" because me and my relatives who are staying in the city moved to another place. It was a nice place and definitely bigger than we had before. This month, I've also decided to finally do the one thing I should be doing since I started working -- SAVING! Yep. I am now saving a little amount from what I earn, which I think is the right thing to do. Not that I am preparing on something to spend the money with but I guess it makes me feel a bit secure. Haha!

Gradual maturity. That's what I will call the phenomenon that strike me. I think the fact that I am now able to align things properly makes me a matured individual. I am not saying, though, that I know everything about life now. Definitely no! I still have a lot to learn in as much that I still have a lot to prove to myself and to everyone. All I'm saying is that I've changed. and I chose to change and I am happy. Masaya pala yung pakiramdam na lahat ng bagay tinitingnan mo ng positibo. And I mean EVERYTHING! Now I can honestly say that life is beautiful and worth living. Not even the baddest criticism or greatest problem can ever sway me to going back to my old "lifeless, vulnerable" self. Haha! I am now stronger and always optimistic.

Life shouldn't be hard. It is actually what you make it! :)

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