Saturday, June 16, 2012

Lessons from Santiago

Since I am still living the life of a bum, my objective everyday is to look for things that will keep me occupied. Haha! Yeah. Most people would probably envy my lifestyle but it's not easy, I'm telling you! LOL

Anyway, a few days ago, I was able to finally get back into reading. I've been reading (or should I say 'just browsing') David Archuleta's autobiography (Chords Of Strength) for like years already since I bought it in 2008 (I think) and still fail at finishing the book because I was so busy working back then. I saw this employment break as the chance to finish it. Voila! Downed it in a day. I just felt that it was an obligation, as a fan, to read it. :)  

The following day, which was yesterday, I started reading Paulo Coelho's The Alchemist. A college friend lent me this book during one of those gimmicks we've had when I was still in Manila. I think she saw the need for me to read Coelho's words and lessons as I was so unsteady that time with life in general. When she gave me that book, I managed to flip through the first few pages and eventually got bored. Haha! I dunno. It's just that back when I still have work, all I wanted to do was work and play. So fast forward, I finished the book today.  

Took me two days but with breaks, of course, since I also have gym and other activities. So why am I sharing this? Haha! Well, I'm not here to review the book because I don't think I have the capacity to do it. And besides, I think most people have already read this. I just want to share the impact that the book had on me.

Timely reading. That's how I put it. The book was here in my drawer for so long and it was only now that I came to discover this treasure. As what the book would always say, Maktub! (It's all written!) I was meant to have read this NOW. I think this is God's way of telling me "Everything will be alright. You'll see." 

I love how Coelho captured the emotions and worries I have right now and replaced them with optimism. I love how he presented life's lessons in a simple story that almost everyone could understand. Somehow, the book managed to straighten the path I'm taking right now and made it clearer. It's still blurry, though, but I see life now in a different light -- that all the things happening to us right now are just parts of the bigger picture; of our own "Personal Legends." God is just showing us the beauty of life through experiences but eventually, He'll lead us to our  respective treasures.

After reading the book, I immediately sent my friend (the one who lent me this) a message via Facebook, thanking her and apologizing for not returning the book yet. Haha! She was so happy that I finally got to finish it. But more to that, she was happy that I was able to decipher the lessons it has. She even gave me the book already so I can repeat it whenever I want to. LOL

I also think I've gone a bit crazy after reading it since I would share life lessons to my cousins out of nowhere. Haha! And even though they won't take me seriously, I know in my heart that I have been touched by this book.

So who's willing to lend me more Coelho novels? Haha! Guess I'll have to invest. 

By the way, Santiago is the name of the lead character in the book. :p

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