Sunday, July 15, 2012

On Pragmatism and Focus

Fit as a fiddle but my mind has been restless these past few days. I dunno, but the more I stay at home and do nothing, the more I'm urged to go out and be busy. Boredom kills and the fact that my allowance is limited is also something to worry about. Haha! 

Well, I guess I'd have to deal with my current situation for quite some time until I finally get back to work. 

Problem is, WHERE'S WORK?! Haha! 

It's been a month now since I came back from that SG journey and I am still a bum. It's not that I didn't have job interviews or offers. In fact, I've had five already and even turned down one sure job opportunity in search of a better option (the rest, I'm still waiting). I don't know if that's another bad decision but all I know is that if you think you deserve better, then push for it; go for the best. I just hope that God won't get tired of giving me chances and won't punish me for being too choosy. ILY, Lord! :) 

When I asked my mom earlier, "Nay, san kaya next kong work?," she told me, "Sa kangkungan!" and I was like, "Ang supportive nyo lang ha!" And we both laughed. I know she wanted to stress something to me with those words. That's what I like about my mom. She knows how to live life. I know that she feels what I feel but makes it a point not to miss out on the "magical moments" a day brings. Unlike me who thinks a lot about the future and ends up frowning. Haha!  

To a certain extent, I think I get what she implied. I've been given options but when something concrete's about to materialize, I change my mind and challenge myself even more. I don't see anything wrong with being ambitious but I guess I also need to be pragmatic. Wonders don't happen in a snap. If I wanna get THERE, I have to start SOMEWHERE! 

Realigning my career was one. Finding a training ground is another. My previous employment , although a happy one, had its flaws, too. My job title didn't match the things that I was actually doing for the organization. Crazy, huh? Yeah. Long story, though. Now, I chose to penetrate the Communications World where I know I should be and it has been a challenge for me to explain every now and then to new employers about what I used to do. But that's that and I have to deal with it.   

So far, I'm still hopeful that I'll land my envisioned job soon and in a company that will really exhaust my talents. I know I have a lot to give. A chance is all I need. 

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